Did you know that just a 1/4″ drop in your pool water level per day can mean over 45,000 gallons wasted per year?

Try this “Bucket Test”

Your first step is to place a 5 gallon bucket on the top stair of your pool, and weigh it down with a heavy object so it sits firmly on the stair’s surface. Now that you have the bucket on the stair, begin to fill the bucket with pool water using the plastic cup. Fill the bucket so the water level in the bucket matches the water level of the pool.

Once the water level of the bucket and pool match, take a permanent marker or tape and mark the current water level on the inside and outside of the bucket. Leave the bucket and the pool alone for 2-3 days. Check the bucket after the final day and look at both level marks. Mark both sides of the bucket with the new water levels.

Is the pool water lower than the bucket water? Or are the two levels about the same? If the pool water level matches the water level inside the bucket you have no leak, but your pool water is evaporating. If your bucket water is significantly higher than the pool water level, you have a leak. While testing your pool, make sure to note if there is rain or any significant wind, because this could make your results inaccurate.

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