Customer Authorization Agreement

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Customer Authorization Agreement

Pinpoint Leak Detection, Inc. (PLD) will make every effort to accurately locate your leak(s) and ensure your complete satisfaction. However, customer agrees and understands that charges for a leak detection survey are not predicated on one hundred percent accuracy and are marked on a “best effort” basis. Therefore, we have established the guarantee and disclaimers as described below.


GAS and WATER PLUMBING: To properly perform leak detection on plumbing, we may need to disconnect or turn off/on supply line valves, water heaters, toilets, etc. In some cases, these items may not have not been used or manipulated recently and may break and/or begin to leak. Also, in order to locate some leaks, it may be necessary to cut sheetrock or pull back carpeting, etc. PLD is not responsible for any unavoidable or necessary collateral damage to property such as shut-off valves, faucets, water heaters, sheetrock, carpeting, etc. PLD will not repair this damage and assumes no responsibility for the cost thereof. In some cases, sediment or scaling in the pipe is dislodged during testing or repair. PLD will make every effort to clear this debris after testing, but if fixtures or valves must be disassembled or replaced to clear the debris, an additional fee may apply. PLD is not responsible for any damage to landscaping that must be removed or cut away in order to access the work area. PLD is not responsible for any damage to unmarked underground pipes or utilities.


SWIMMING POOLS and SPAS: To properly perform leak detections, we will need to remove pool or spa covers and plumbing may need to be cut. If these items have not been used or manipulated recently, they may break and/or begin to leak. Also, in order to locate some leaks, it may be necessary to empty the pool or spa. Caution should be used when emptying a pool, spa or pond to insure it does not float out of the ground, and PLD recommends consulting with a professional pool company prior to this action. Any repair performed by PLD will be performed with standard parts only warranty.


ALL SEWER LINES & CITY REPORTS: Video cameras or line tracing devices may be inserted into the line to track the location of the lines and identify any leaks and/or breaks that may exist. Should this equipment become lodged in a line, it may require excavation of the line to retrieve the equipment or complete the inspection, additional charge will apply. A jetting process may be required and an additional charge will apply if blockage is observed during inspection. In order to test sewer and waste lines, a main line cleanout must be available or a toilet removal may be required to gain access for detection equipment. On occasion, a cleanout cover may be damaged or require replacement which will require a charge. NOTE: ALL SEWER LINE INSPECTIONS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE ACCURATE AT TIME OF SERVICE ONLY.


HOT WATER HEAT SYSTEMS: PLD will introduce inert gas, methane, helium or air into the heating system to locate the leak. Air in this system may affect its proper function, and PLD cautions against operating the heating system before the excess air is bled from the pipes. PLD is not responsible for restarting the heating system after testing and/or repairs are completed. PLD recommends contacting a specialized professional for assistance in restarting the system. PLD assumes no responsibility for damage to the heating system or boiler if the system is operated without following the recommended precautions.


POST-TENSION CONCRETE: PLD will locate reinforcing steel, such as post-tension cables and/or rebar, within the concrete slab prior to core drilling for electrical outfitting, plumbing, duct work, fire protection services, and drain installation. It is important to note that when cutting the concrete, the professional should exercise extra care to position the cuts as far as possible from the marked locations. PLD will not be responsible for unmarked cables or rebar found greater than 6 inches below the surface.


UTILITY TRACE: PLD acknowledges that successfully locating utilities is an art as well as a science. Knowing the types and locations of underground utilities on your site is an important and cost-effective way to assure a safe and successful project. Our experienced locators will employ their best efforts to locate all underground utilities in the specified area. However PLD makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that future excavation will NOT uncover additional previously undetected utilities.


ASBESTOS, LEAD & MOLD: Asbestos and Lead are common building materials that may be present in many buildings constructed prior to 1981. PLD, adhering to Federal law, will exercise reasonable precautions to minimize the chance of disturbance of asbestos containing materials. However, certain procedures require, such as but not limited to, drywall removal to determine accurate leak detection services. In addition, PLD is not and will not become responsible for any mold that is observed during or after our service.

OUR DETECTION IS GUARANTEED FOR 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL TESTING. Most leaks, with the EXCEPTION of sleeved pipes which will be marked for reroute, will be located within several inches of their exact location, but this can vary to within several feet, depending on soil conditions, construction methods, and other factors, known and unknown. PLD must be notified immediately if repairs are performed by anyone other than PLD and the leak is not located within a radius of 4 feet of the original identified point. PLD will, at its sole discretion, either retest the system or refund the leak detection fee. PLD will not be responsible for any repair completed by others, and accepts no liability, financial or otherwise, for any consequential losses arising from the inaccurate location of leaks in excess of the fee paid. Sleeved pipes are excluded from any PLD guarantee.


In most cases, only one leak can be located in a plumbing system at a time. Therefore, it is important to retest the line after a repair is completed. If notified that a problem exists, after repairs by others are made, PLD will charge a service fee to retest the system.


Payment shall be made upon completion of work or Net 30 Days if credit has been pre-approved. If not made within such time period, customer agrees to pay interest at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) on the unpaid balance from the date of billing. In the event it is necessary to refer customer’s account for collection, customer hereby agrees to pay all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees. All returned cheeks will be subject to a $20.00 fee.