Leak Detection Industry

The Benefits of Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipelines are the safest and most economic transport systems for mineral oil, water, gases and other fluid products. As means of long-distance transport, pipelines have to fulfill high demands of safety, reliability and efficiency. Most pipelines, regardless of what they contain, are designed with a typical lifespan of 25 years. When they do begin to fail, they do so slowly, beginning with leaks at poor construction joints, corrosion points and small structural material cracks, and gradually progress to a catastrophic ending.

The Origin of Leaks:

  • Inferior workmanship
  • Substandard construction of piping and fittings
  • Poor quality of building materials
  • Clogged drains
  • Poor plumbing maintenance
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Other mechanical faults

Leak Detection Statistics:

  • Approximately 1 in every 318 homes leak fluid due to various plumbing and mechanical faults.
  • Untreated toilet leaks will let out 90,000 gallons of water each month, and add about $500 to water bills annually
  • A 1/8 inch pipe hole can leak out 2,500 gallons of liquid in 24 hours
  • A dripping faucet or leaky hose will waste up to 180 gallons of water per month and 2,160 gallons per year
  • A pinhead leak will discharge 360,000 gallons of water annually, enough to fill 12,000 bathtubs
  • Eventually, the odds are, every home or building will develop some type of leak over its lifespan