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Visit this page often... Pinpoint Leak Detection is dedicated to keeping up with the latest Industry Trends and Current Events. We will post exciting news worthy topics as well as tips on conserving our natural resources. IT STARTS WITH STOPPING THE LEAKS. Hopefully, you will find this Information Useful and the Fun Facts entertaining.


California has been in a period of drought for a long time…

Don’t forget to do your part for our community……

Always keep an eye on your water consumption and locate any leak and have it repaired ASAP

Pinpoint will locate any leak you may have… CALL US

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It’s summer here in Ventura and…… it’s HOT!!!! If you have a pool you are using it ALOT!!!
If it seems that the water level is going down more than just evaporation…. CALL US!!! could be a leak and that’s what we find and fix.

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25 Year Anniversary

We are very proud to have served this Ventura Community for 25 Years!

If there is anything we can do for you, Please let us know.

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New Orange County Location

We have increased our footprint of coverage area for our services to include the entire Orange County.

We have been making new relationships with local Plumbing businesses as well as local consumers.

We hope you will give us a call if you are in that area and can use our service.

Remember, we locate the leak, not repair it so you know what has to be done when we leave.

Our local number is 949-468-0068

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2017 Brings Rain

Well, it looks like 2017 has started with a Welcome amount of rain for our area but not so welcome for the owners of Homes and buildings that are being tested by the downpour.

Pinpoint uses advanced infrared technology to help locate those types of water infiltrations.

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$100 OFF Pool Repairs

Well, Summer’s here and that’s when you will notice any problems with your pool or spa. We have arranged for our Pool Technician to give you a card worth $100 Off of any pool repair we do after we have provided you with our Pool Leak Detection service…. call us Today and schedule an appointment.

Check out our “bucket test” directions on our “how much water are you losing” post April 26

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How Much Water are you Losing

Did you know that just a 1/4″ drop in your pool water level per day can mean over 45,000 gallons wasted per year?

Try this “Bucket Test”

Your first step is to place a 5 gallon bucket on the top stair of your pool, and weigh it down with a heavy object so it sits firmly on the stair’s surface. Now that you have the bucket on the stair, begin to fill the bucket with pool water using the plastic cup. Fill the bucket so the water level in the bucket matches the water level of the pool.

Once the water level of the bucket and pool match, take a permanent marker or tape and mark the current water level on the inside and outside of the bucket. Leave the bucket and the pool alone for 2-3 days. Check the bucket after the final day and look at both level marks. Mark both sides of the bucket with the new water levels.

Is the pool water lower than the bucket water? Or are the two levels about the same? If the pool water level matches the water level inside the bucket you have no leak, but your pool water is evaporating. If your bucket water is significantly higher than the pool water level, you have a leak. While testing your pool, make sure to note if there is rain or any significant wind, because this could make your results inaccurate.

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Ojai Now Requires Camera Inspections

On December 1, 2015, Ojai implemented the Privat Lateral Sever Camera Inspection that Ventura implemented last year. Here is a link to the Ojai Valley Sanitary District website for

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Added New Pipe Jetter to our Toolbox

Pinpoint Leak Detection is the Premier Camera Inspection Company for Ventura County.

On various occasions in the past, we were

not able to complete the drain pipe inspections due to some blockage in the line.

We now have the solution, our new pipe “jetter” will clear virtually every type of blockage, from grease to roots.

You can count on us to get the job done and

provide complete drain line inspections, reports and City required documentation.

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Pinpoint finding Leaks in Pools Everywhere

As a needed service, we were asked by plumbers to add pool leaks to our menu of service. Well, we have answered the challenge… For the past year we have refined our techniques for finding pool leaks and now, not only, will we find but also repair it if need be. We are the message to all pool service people and companies through the several chapters of IPSA

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